Thursday, July 30, 2009


The dispute between Ambani brothers has taken an ugly turn which does not augur well for the country in general and for the corporate world in particular. The brothers are not interested in supplying the gas at competitive rates to the public and other users. They want maximum profit from the gas production and distribution business. They openly talk of greediness, corruption, favoritism and manipulation of records pertaining to the vexed gas business. One does not know what happened to corporate governance and business ethics they were talking about all these days. The government should nationalize the gas business pertaining to Ambani brothers in the larger national interest.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The strike called by Maharastra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has entered the fourth day. The members of MARD are on strike to press their demand. The demand, among others, includes increase in their salaries. The salaries were revised three years ago and there is justification in their demand for up ward revision after three years. For the last six months they are negotiating with the government but nothing has progressed. The salaries fixed by the government are low compared to the present day cost of living. The salaries/stipend paid should be realistic and should be raised periodically keeping the cost of living as the barometer. The infrastructure facilities at the government hospitals are below par and there is urgent need to upgrade to deliver better health care services. The government should have a dialogue with the representatives of striking doctors and resolve the issue forthwith in larger public interest. The general public has been put lot inconvenience due to the strike.


The refusal of seat to sri Aakash in a government college is ridiculous, even though he has secured 78% in The principal of the college knowing fully well that the student is the son of the slain ATS chief Karkare behaved in a immature and irresponsible manner causing embracement to the family, in spite of government publicly declaring it is the responsibility of the state to look after the children of such brave souls who scarified their life, so that the citizens of the country can live in peace. Mrs.Karkare rejected the various doles, amounting in crores, offered by different state governments. The principal and the committee on admission should have taken all these into consideration while processing the application of Aakash. It is reported that two students have been admitted even though they have scored less than the required qualifying marks. The principal of the college should explain on what basis those students were admitted.


At last, the PAK president has accepted the fact that the terrorists in their land are created, nurtured and supported by the Establishment. Mr. Zardari may be under the impression that has made public the biggest secret of the PAK government. Mr. President please note this no big news. The whole world knows who has created and continuously supporting the terrorists’ organizations in PAK. The 26/11 attack on Mumbai is carried out by terrorists by tacit understanding and the support of PAK military and ISI. Including Mr. Zardari the establishment denied any involvement. The government of India has provided enough proof that the attack was carried out by out fits that are sheltered and protected by the Government of PAK. Why no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the attack. Why the PAK government is not cooperating with India in this matter. The dreaded international gangsters, drug peddlers and terrorists are living like Moghul emperors of yester years with active support of the government. India has given a list of most wanted international criminals who are sheltered in PAK. What action the PAK government has taken. Since, now your aware that the perpetrators of Mumbai attack are within your country why can’t you hand over them to India.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The city of Mumbai is facing unprecedented water shortage (DNA 08-07-09) due to delayed monsoon/insufficient rain fall. Better management of available water/resources will go a long way in mitigating the problem. The citizens should reduce their water usage by 20-30% till the situation improves. The use of water for secondary purposes should be restricted to bare minimum. The BMC on its part, among others, preventive measures for water leakages and take prompt and should take quick action in case there are leakages in water pipelines. Usage of BMC water for construction and other purposes should banned for some time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Railway minister Ms Mamata Banerji has presented a well balanced budget for the year 2009-10 under the given circumstances. The special rates announced for youth, students and unorganaised labour are major highlights of the budget. The minister has also promised to improve the hygienic conditions and improve the quality of services across the board. He minister has announced some very ambitious projects like non-stop trains and A C double-decker. There are many projects/proposals announced by the previous ministers, which neither yet to be started or progressing at a very slow pace. All the proposals made now and proposals announced earlier, which are yet to take-off are to be implemented with in a specified time.