Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The unruly behavior of the MNS legislators (Goonda Raj HT 10-11-09) in the assembly during the oath taking ceremony on 09-11-09, in assaulting the SP MLA for taking oath in Hindi is a shameful act. There are many peaceful ways to express one’s views on a subject. These kinds of behavior indicate how immature one is. Earlier, the same Samajawadi party MLA had made a ridiculous demand, that the business agenda of the Assembly should be made available in Hindi. He has chosen Maharastra for his political career and the people of the state have been magnanimous enough to elect him to the Assembly from two places. Propriety demands learning/acquiring working knowledge of Marathi language even before contesting the election. He should have respected the public sentiments and taken oath in Marathi. Being an elected representative, it is beyond anyone’s understanding as to how Azmi is going to inter act with the people of his constituency. Voters should take note of the above acts of immaturity, by both the sides, while excersing their franchise in future.

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