Sunday, November 1, 2009


First time in the history of Indian democracy, a sitting Loksabha member is to be prosecuted under the Prevention of Money Laundering, Act (PMLA). (TOI 01-11-09). The MP in question is, Madhu Koda, an independent from Jharkand. The I T department conducted nationwide raids on 60 premises belonging to him/his associates for diversion of funds to the extent of Rs800 crore during tenure as chief minister of the state. Whoever is responsible for this initiative/action against a politician should be congratulated. At least a beginning has been made to weed out corruption in politics. Politics as a profession pays you nothing. Then, why are most of our politicians crorepathis. Unless they are corrupt (barring exception) and pursue unethical ways to amass wealth this cannot happen. There are big fishes in other political parties, including the Congress, who have amassed wealth much against their known sources of income, by virtue of being in politics or being close to a leading politician. It is universal truth that most politicians spend 20-25 times more than the limit fixed by Election Commission while fighting an election. There are loopholes in the system and they easily escape being caught. Will the establishment responsible for action against Madhu Koda initiate similar action against other corrupt politicians in the country. Otherwise, one would presume that action against Madhu Koda is a political stunt ahead of assembly election in the state or he is being singled out because he does not belong to any major national/regional political party.

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