Monday, November 2, 2009


The patriarch of CPM, the man who holds the record, for occupying the post chief minister for highest number of years in the history of Indian democracy, is desperate to save his party, in the coming assembly by polls. Basu has sought the support of traditional Congress voters to fight the Trinamool Congress. What an irony. The man, who fought against the party his entire life, is seeking the votes of the supporters of the same party. The reason being that the LEFT gave unconditional support at the center to counter the threat of communalism. The people of the state/country are also aware that the bottleneck they created for various developmental programmes and for reforms, the UPA government wanted to implement sincerely. Moreover, for the same reason that the LEFT were routed out in the previous Lok Sabha election. Since then there is no change its programme, policies and ideology. Hence, on what basis Basu is seeking the support of Congress voters is perplexing. It appears, writing on the wall, for LEFT is very clear. As a seasoned politician, he can read very early and clearly than others can.

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