Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The views expressed by Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr in the article’ Indira Gandhi was merely a politician’(DNA 03-11-09) is not correct. She had all the qualities of a very strong, great leader. Bank nationalization, Pokaran nuclear test, Garibi hatav programme, Right of ownership to the tiller, the win against Pakistan in 1971 war, are some of the feathers in her cap. She was the true leader who knew the pulse of the voters. Her strong leadership qualities when in power and out of it was hailed in India as well outside the country. Although there were some drawback in her style of functioning, it is wrong to attribute the same as lack leadership. Politics is a different ball game. One has to deal with the elected representative whether they are educated or not, whether they understands host of other things of efficient administration. Even today, it is difficult attract talented people for various (obvious) reasons for any political party. The assertion that she lacked the ability to build a team of talented people is again not correct. Contrary to the views expressed in the article, undoubtedly Indira Gandhi was one of the greatest leader India has produced and not merely a politician.

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