Sunday, November 1, 2009


The party with a difference, much disciplined, development oriented and cadre based party’s image in Karnataka is in shambles because of indiscipline, infighting and most important lust for power. The state is reeling under un precedented havoc caused by the floods, the elected representatives of BJP for fighting in the streets to fulfill their personal agenda. More intriguing was, while addressing the press conference after his return from ‘Kukke subramaya’ C M Yediyurappa asserted that all his colleagues, MLAs are working overtime to help the people affected in flood affected districts. To the astonishment of viewers, this statement comes when nearly 60 dissident MLAs are locked at Hotels in Andhra Pradesh and Goa, enjoying their free/sponsored holidays. The inorganic growth of BJP in Karnataka is one of the major contributors for party’s indiscipline and dissidence. With the sole intention of winning elections, if people who do not believe in the ideology, policies and programmes are admitted to the party, the current situation is bound to happen. Although the present C M does not have much experience, he has done reasonably well in all fronts. One does not know the real demands of Reddy brothers. The M P from south Bangalore, who was once calling the shots in Karnataka’s BJP affairs is watching the entire ‘drama’ as mute spectator. The central leadership may work-out a compromise formula and solder the relationship between the warring Reddy brothers and the C M, but any such relationship will not be strong.

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