Saturday, August 20, 2011


Anna and Baba Ramdev are fighting against corruption and black money. Before extending their support / expressing their views, film stars / others should introspect themselves. How truthful, honest are they in real life? We know, that the film industry runs on black money. Top film stars declare only 15-20% of their income for tax purpose. We know how frequently tax man conducts raids on these stars. They talk of morality in public life. All these celebrities should take a oath in public that they have never cheated the government and honest through out their life. I don't think that there are any. This includes Big B,Khans,Kapoors,Chopras and the rest. Let them have a open debate with Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray,on their honesty. Because he has very fine knowledge, working and understanding of the film industry. He will rip them apart.



  1. Not only film stars, there would be many people who are not honest in paying taxes especially for small business. However, that does not mean we should not extend support to Anna. I think, we should still extend support to Anna just because govt. has failed to curb corruption with existing laws and it is the right time to show them their actual place.

    On our honesty, it is the primary responsibility of IT people to cross check and verify if the taxpayers are correctly paying taxes. I dont think there are many honest taxpayers except salaried indivuals and that due to TDS.

  2. Our comments refers to film stars who talk about morality in public life. We support Anna's cause.