Saturday, August 6, 2011


The central leadership of the BJP is unlikely to gain any political mileage out of its decision to seek the resignation of the B S Yediyurappa, in response to his indictment by the Karnataka Lokayukta. The reaction of the CM to the diktat of his party’s leadership to fall in line with the rules of probity was alarming. The BJP’s ability to impose a minimum level of discipline is severely impaired.

The ideological commitment of the followers of the BJP in Karnataka was always suspect, relying as it did on the support of a single dominant caste, the Lingayats. The latest developments underline the fact that in Karnataka it is not Hindutva that binds the BJP together but caste and personal loyalty. That casteism and personal loyalty has taken precedence over Hindutva could well prove to be a watershed moment for the BJP.

The cadre based and the party with a difference is not clean as it was during 1990s. The party is adulterated with all kinds of character. There is no discipline. Defiance by the CM and his supporters is a clear indication of everything is not alright. The confidence BSY enjoyed with all party functionaries earlier has eroded and broken. This broken relationship can be soldered, but it will not be strong. The crack will surface again. This will make things difficult for the new chief minister. MLAs of Shettar group, around 50, did not attend the swearing ceremony. This kind of boycotting was unheard in the disciplined party.

This is only tip of the ice berg. There is trust deficit. Publicly BJP leaders say they are all ‘one’ there are no groups. This is far from truth. There is trust deficit among leaders, which is not a good sign. It is difficult to manage a council of ministers full of mistrust.

Reddy brothers were with BSY till he resigned. Now they are with Shettar group. It is very unlikely that the tainted 3 will be inducted into ministry. Their grip over Republic of Bellary is waning. Much credit was been given to Bellary brothers for rise of BJP to power in Karnataka. The irony is that the some action of the same brothers, in illegal mining, has put the BJP in trouble and BSY had to resign.

Many Religious heads of Lingayats community are unhappy they way BSY behaved and prevented Shettar, belonging to the same community, becoming the CM.

BSY and his family are involved in various land scams. The Lokayukta report is already with the Supreme Court. SC may order for comprehensive inquiry including CBI. That will spell disaster for BSY, Reddy brothers and to the BJP.

BSY, Eshwarappa, R Ashok and Ananth kumar are at logger heads. Although, DVS is a go-getter, the bickering and discontentment are beyond rapprochement. With the above uncertainties the new government is unlikely to last long.


  1. Very good analysis. BJP as an opposition party only knows how to create trouble for congress. It has seeked resignation from so many congress leaders and removed only 1 BSY, that too after lokayukta report.