Thursday, June 13, 2013


UPA 2 led by Congress has failed in all front. Its noticeable achievements are corruption and scams. Congress ship was about to sink. Modi appeared from no where and saved it. Altough Congress leaders oppose Modi publicly, they have to admit privately, him, as their true friend. The twenty odd percent minorities votes, with 90 plus percentage strike rate, in the coming 2014 LS elections are going to be polarized and the biggest beneficiaries are going to be Congress, SP,BSP and JD(U).  For fear of minorities vote no party wants an alliance with BJP. That will make situation stronger for Congress. Altough there is talk of third front it is unlikely it will be formed. Even if it is formed it will fall no sooner than later because of ideological differences and head strong regional party leaders. It is not easy to do business with Jayalalitha, Mulayam, Maya and Didi. Hence Modi elevation has brightened the chances of UPA 3.


  1. perhaps modi wouldnot have known about the minority votes. His elevation is not going to stop here.

  2. Those 20% would have also existed in Gujarat. It doesn't make much difference.