Friday, November 18, 2016


Team FirstChoiceIPO was one of the first which lauded the black money initiative of Modi and supported it wholeheartedly. Modi and BJP top brass should answer the following simple questions:

1. What was the amount spent on Modi's mega election rallies in 2014 LS election.

2. Who funded it.

3. Was it black or white ?

4. According to report submitted to various authorities, BJP in the last 10 years has collected more than Rs 2500 Cr for its party, from unknown sources, as donation. Is not that money, black money? 

5. There are as many corrupt leaders in BJP as that of Congress, if not more. Why not suspend them from the party. One does not require a rocket science technology to know who is corrupt, who has amassed wealth, treating politics as business.

6. Modi is fighting black money and corruption, in Karnataka his party leaders are having a gala time with the notorious scamster.

1 comment:

  1. BJP only party which collected money, ie. Rs.5 per person, from the people who attended the meeting. We are expecting 100% purity to clean zero or less percentage purity. Unfortunate. The trees which provides fruits will only gets stones(old proverb). And also expecting change overnight that too with out little pain. BJP got 34% vote share in last general Election but it is answering/responsible for all people. The people who didn't vote for it is crying more.