Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bharat Financials loan disbursement down in q3

Bharat Financial Inclusion's Profit stood at Rs. 143 crore in Q3-FY17 and Rs. 428 crore for 9M-FY17.

In Q3-FY17, the Company registered Loan disbursements of Rs. 2,981 crore -- 34% year-on-year growth to Rs. 10,765 crore in 9M-FY17 (Rs. 8,022 crore in 9M-FY16). The collection efficiency for the dues in the November 11-30, 2016 period improved to 97.5% by January 19, 2017.

 Overall collection efficiency for Q3-FY17 was 95%. The Company also originated Rs. 226 crore and Rs. 835 crore loans under managed portfolio in Q3-FY17 and 9MFY17 respectively.

 Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited’s marginal cost of borrowing remained stable at 10%.

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