Friday, January 27, 2017

Modi's magic on the wane

Modi and BJP made tall promises in 2014 LS manifesto. Most of them remain on paper. The first comes to the mind is black money stashed outside India. Biggest failure, not even a rupee has come back. 

Promised moon to the farmers. More than 25,000 farmers have died in the last 2 years, highest since independence. Farmers plight in the country continues to be pathetic. 

The government has failed in taming inflation too. Corruption free India. Corruption stay put where it was in 2014. 

Unemployment continues to rise, no concrete efforts have been made to generate employment. In fact more people have lost jobs due to demonetization, particularly in informal and unorganised sector. 

Demonetization has failed to deliver the desired results.

One more big promise was houses for all, a look at the slums in cities will tell whether the government promises has been implemented or not, leave alone villages. They are the last priority.

BJP has been telling we will build Ram Mandir at ayodhya for the last 25 years. BJP rakes up the slogan of Ram mandir during election time and forgets it after that.

People gave a clear mandate to BJP in 2014 hoping for better days and voters appears to have disillusioned.

Modi magic that worked in 2014 may not work this time. 

BJP-SAD is going to fare very badly in Punjab, they have 50:50 chance UP, Akhilesh having the edge. Results of Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur are not so significant to national politics.

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