Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nse news : Illiquid stocks

List of illiquid securities for which periodic call auction will be conducted with effect from January 09, 2017  (Monday).

Sr No Symbol Series Security Name ISIN Code
1 ANANDAMRUB EQ The Anandam Rubber Company Limited INE618N01014
2 ATNINTER EQ ATN International Limited INE803A01027
3 AUSTRAL EQ Austral Coke & Projects Limited INE455J01027
4 BILENERGY EQ Bil Energy Systems Limited INE607L01029
5 BILPOWER EQ Bilpower Limited INE952D01018
6 BLUECHIP EQ Blue Chip India Limited INE657B01025
7 CALSOFT EQ California Software Company Limited INE526B01014
8 CREATIVEYE EQ Creative Eye Limited INE230B01021
9 DSSL EQ Dynacons Systems & Solutions Limited INE417B01040
10 EUROMULTI EQ Euro Multivision Limited INE063J01011
11 FARMAXIND EQ Farmax India Limited INE890I01035
12 GISOLUTION EQ GI Engineering Solutions Limited INE065J01016
13 GLFL EQ Gujarat Lease Financing Limited INE540A01017
14 HOTELRUGBY EQ Hotel Rugby Limited INE275F01019
15 JAIHINDPRO EQ Jaihind Projects Limited INE343D01010
16 JIKIND EQ JIK Industries Limited INE026B01049
17 KHAITANLTD EQ Khaitan (India) Limited INE731C01018
18 LCCINFOTEC EQ LCC Infotech Limited INE938A01021
19 MELSTAR EQ Melstar Information Technologies Limited INE817A01019
20 NET4 EQ Net 4 India Limited INE553E01012
21 PRADIP EQ Pradip Overseas Limited INE495J01015
22 QUINTEGRA EQ Quintegra Solutions Limited INE033B01011
23 RADAAN EQ Radaan Mediaworks India Limited INE874F01027
24 SAMTEL EQ Samtel Color Limited INE381A01016
25 SOFTTECHGR EQ Software Technology Group International Limited INE863A01013
26 SURANACORP EQ Surana Corporation Limited INE357D01010
28 TODAYS EQ Todays Writing Instruments Limited INE944B01019
29 UMESLTD EQ Usha Martin Education & Solutions Limited INE240C01028
30 VISUINTL EQ Visu International Limited INE965A01016
31 XLENERGY EQ XL Energy Limited INE183H01011

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