Sunday, March 29, 2020

We saw 'Black Swan' event coming in 2014, which would affect the world's financial markets

KARVY had predicted that SENSEX @1,00,000 IN 2020. The prediction was made in June 2014.

While countering the Karvy predictions, among others, we had indicated the following:

 Happening of a 'Black Swan' event - like the one occurred in 2008 which led to global melt down. A sub prime crisis. Prior to the global melt down in 2008, Sensex was hovering around 22,000 and experts like KARVY then predicted that Sensex will touch 50,000 mark by 2014. Believing this theory millions of investors jumped in to the market. Then came the melt down. Equity markets across the world plummeted. Within few months Sensex came down to 8000 levels. Most investors lost money, some went bankrupt, few committed suicide. Brokerage houses down sized their operations.  It took nearly 6 years for Sensex to come to the level of 2008. Between June 2008 and June 2014, in full 6 years, the Sensex has moved by just by 3000 points.

(This article was first published on 05-06-2014)

World's financial markets did witness a 'Black Swan' event in March 2020.

FIIs turns net buyers

After weeks of net selling, FIIs have net bought for Rs 356 crores in cash market on Friday, 27-03-2020. DIIs too have net bought to the extent of Rs 1704 crores in the same segment. In March, till last Friday, FIIs had net sold for more than Rs 50,000 crores due to Corona virus / global melt down.