Monday, June 1, 2009


The decision of the Congress to pick Meira Kumar for the speaker’s post deserves congratulations. She would be the first woman and a dalit to occupy the coveted post.
Although parties are talking about woman reservation bill for the last years, nothing has progressed. By chosing Meira, the Congress party has sent a strong message to opposition parties, including the BJP, that the Center is very serious about enacting reservation bill. Those who were opposing the very idea of women reservation – like RJD, LJP, and BSP and SP have been comprehensively rejected by voters or have very less number in the L S. They have no option but to fall line in line. BJP, per-se is not opposed to the bill and as per indication Sushma Swaraj would be the deputy leader of BJP in Lok Sabha. That makes things easier for the ruling coalition. All parties should support the bill –in both the houses and the regarding this is to be enacted at the earliest.

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