Monday, June 15, 2009


This is with reference to the open letter by Mr. Swaminathan S Ankesaria Aiyar to Mr. Kapil Sibal on the subject matter (Sunday Times 14-06-09). The HRD ministry should implement the programme and policies that aims at improving the basic education for the poor, downtrodden, historically disadvantaged classes. The quality of education imparted at government schools is very low. In rural areas people have no choice except to send their wards to government schools. Even in places where they have choices, the abnormal fees and related expenses of private schools act as a deterrent in sending their children to private schools. Most of the educational institutions, right from the pre nursery to the professional colleges, are directly or indirectly controlled by politicians. Their only aim is to make money and they are least interested in providing quality education at affordable cost. School vouchers scheme is a good idea in providing quality education for the children of the poor, oppressed, dalits and the minorities. Competition with private schools will definitely improve the quality in government schools. In future, only credible NGOs should be permitted to open and manage educational institutions, particularly primary and secondary schools, across the country. There should be entry barrier for those who consider education as profitable business ventures.

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