Monday, June 15, 2009


The CPM leadership in WB, among others has identified three prime reasons behind the party’s unprecedented debacle in the 2009 LS elections. They are Organizational weakness, Ineffective campaign and non–Communist attitude of some of its leaders. They are on the wrong track again. Left parties failed in the LS election not for the above reasons. Left failed to understand the ground realities. Their ideology is out dated. Gone are the days when parties could fool the voters continuously on a particular issue. The present day voters are well educated and understand the changing environment in the global economy. LEFT stand on Nuclear deal, Financial reforms and host of other issues which the left parties opposed were well taken care by the voters while voting. It is the same LEFT parties that opposed computerization, when it was first implemented in Banks and other public sectors organization like Railways and Airways in early eighties. Had, the then government succumbed to the pressure of Left parties, India would have remained a under developed country. And the leadership we have today in IT, BPO and Telecommunication sector would have remained a dream. LEFT do not have vision. All their policies are shortsighted. They are a bottleneck in the developmental work LEFT talks of issues that are irrelevant to present day politics. They have to change their attitude, ideology and understand the ground realities if they want survive in Indian politics. Otherwise, they can rest assured, that their days are numbered.

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