Friday, June 19, 2009



The capture of Lalgarh by the Maoists is an indication of growing frustration against the establishment in finding permanent solutions to various chronic problems faced by them for decades. But the path chosen by them to achieve their goal is not correct and will not bring the desired results. They will face the same fate as that of LTTE if they continue to attack innocent people, police officials and the army. They cannot achieve their goal through violent attacks. They may be having genuine problems but there is no place for atrocities and violence.

The establishment should be sympathetic towards their just and unjust demands. The establishment is equally responsible for spread of Maoists and Naxal culture in the country, because the successive governments at state level and as well as at the center have failed to recognize the problems and find long lasting solutions. After all, the Maoists/Naxalists are not asking for the moon. They want some basic amenities for the tribal and other oppressed class. India from a very poor country in 1947 has become a powerful and developed economy now. But the fruits development has not reached all the people fairly. Wealth is created and enjoyed by very few people. We have modern Maharajas in the form of Politicians, Ministers, government babus, unscrupulous business men and Industrialists. The wealth created by the modern India is concentrated in very few hands. The Maoists/Naxalists have seen them all, thanks to electronic and print media. Even after 61 years of independence our villages have no proper roads, no potable water, no good schools, no hospitals and other basic infrastructure. The development and the growth should be inclusive growth. The real fruits of development should reach the common man and the oppressed class including the tribals in all parts of the country.
The government, first, should restore normalcy in Lalgarh and should try to the root of the problems to find amicable solution to the vexed Maoists and Naxalists problem. In the mean time Maoists should lay down their arms and come forward for dialogue with the establishment without any precondition. Political solution is the only answer for long term peace. For this both the parties must change their mindset on the path they want to walk.

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