Monday, June 15, 2009


PM should be very careful in dealing with the PAK leadership about terrorism. The PAK is the most un-trusted country in the world. Its leaders lack commitment, determination and honesty in finding solution to any problem. What happened to perpetrators of Kandhar hijack and most recently to the people behind 26/11 attack? PAK is in know of many things about the terrorists but does not share critical information with the Indian government. It goes to US with begging bowl that they need funds to fight to terrorism. The funds so received are diverted to build up of arms and ammunition to fight the Indian army. See the plights of Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan. They are being tortured by Taliban. PAK is a failed state in all respects. Our gentleman Prime Minister should be extra cautious in dealing with them. The day is not far that the big brother is going to bomb PAK as it did against the IRAQ if the Pakistani leaders are not going to mend their ways.

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