Friday, July 10, 2009


The refusal of seat to sri Aakash in a government college is ridiculous, even though he has secured 78% in The principal of the college knowing fully well that the student is the son of the slain ATS chief Karkare behaved in a immature and irresponsible manner causing embracement to the family, in spite of government publicly declaring it is the responsibility of the state to look after the children of such brave souls who scarified their life, so that the citizens of the country can live in peace. Mrs.Karkare rejected the various doles, amounting in crores, offered by different state governments. The principal and the committee on admission should have taken all these into consideration while processing the application of Aakash. It is reported that two students have been admitted even though they have scored less than the required qualifying marks. The principal of the college should explain on what basis those students were admitted.

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