Sunday, August 2, 2009


The Center should immediately sack Mr. Buta Singh, chairman of National SC/ST commission, for involvement of his son in the bribery case, till the investigation is complete in all respect. In spite of his son being confessed to heinous act Mr. Buta Singh stoutly denies the same. He even questions the credibility of the premier investigation agency of the country. Being a seasoned politician and being an ex-home minister at the Center he knows very well how the CBI functions. Apart from involvement of his son in the bribery case, the investigating agency has also recovered three un-licensed fire arms from the residence of Buta Singh, in New Delhi. The continuance of Mr. Buta Singh, as chair man will hamper the investigation.Dr. Man Mohan Singh who is known for his honesty and integrity should sack Mr. Buta immediately; otherwise his reputation will take a beating.

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