Sunday, August 23, 2009


The ever increasing vehicular traffic in the city is a challenging task for the MUMBAI TRAFFIC POLICE (MTP) to manage. Traffic management is a very complex job and 85% of the traffic problems are directly related to proper infrastructure and good roads. MTP can not do much here. However by strict enforcement of certain traffic rules by MTP and with active cooperation from MMRDA, life can be made little easier for the commuters. Here are some suggestions;

A. Restriction on movement of heavy motor vehicles (HMV). Ban entry of HMVs between 6.00am to 10.00pm. (Other than BMC and GOVT vehicles).
B. Ban parking of all types vehicles on small and narrow roads.
C. Deploy adequate police personnel at important roads/junctions and circles for monitoring traffic movement.
D. Build mini flyovers -- using ‘magic box’ technology at major roads, cross roads and junctions for signal free movement of vehicles. The above concept has been successfully implemented in the city of Bangalore in various locations including on the International air port road.
E. Encourage car owners to go for car pooling. This not only reduces the traffic congestions but also saves on energy.
F. Increase the frequency of Hi-tech buses to lure frequent four wheeler users.
G. Regulate pavement/street vendors by preventing them from blocking the roads during peak hours.

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