Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Jet Airways chairman Mr. Naresh Goyal’s statement that the ‘Pilots are behaving like terrorists’ (DNA 10-09-09) is laughable. The on going tussle between National Aviation Guild (NAG) and the Jet Airways management has not happened over night.
The pilots association has demanding for revocation of suspension of three of pilots for a very long time. The management for the reasons best known for themselves neither took back the sacked employees nor engaged in any meaningful dialogue with the association. It is not the pilots who are behaving like terrorists; it is other way round-the management. The management’s decision not engage in talks with the pilots association speaks volumes about its HR policy. Mr. Goyal is in the business for quite long time and is aware that the employees are the prime asset of the company and not the aero planes he owns. It is the employees who generate the revenue and build reputation not the machines. The Jet Airways is already in Red, because of competition, recession and this, what could have been avoidable situation has damaged the reputation of the management as unreliable airline. It is not too late for the management to concede the just demand of the employees and try to salvage its maligned reputation.

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