Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ms SHOBHAA DE article on Searching for clues: It happens only in India (TOI 06-09-09) is very interesting. Although the nation has lost four other souls, coverage on TV channels was mainly on YSR. There were passing references to the other four by some channels. Introspection time for TV channels. The sycophants are trying to install Mr. Jag Mohan, son of YSR, as CM, although he lacks experience and administrative knowledge. Jag Mohan is very young and he has a long way to go before he aspires for that coveted post. One hopes better sense prevails on the Congress high command.
The swiftness shown by the Center in taking required action was amazing to say the least. There was involvement of ISRO, Army, remote sensing air craft, local police, forest department officials, paramilitary forces, local guides and what not, that too in a very short time. Kamaal hai! As rightly pointed out this kind of action was definitely missing during the Mumbai attack on 26/11. Long live India.

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