Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is right in suggesting that BJP needs either surgery or chemotherapy and they themselves should decide what they need (DNA 28-10-09). I think BJP needs both, for complete over haul and image make over. The performance of the party under the leadership of Rajnath Singh as the party president is very un impressive. The party has lost miserably in the Lok Sahha elections and its performance in the three states that went election this month is lackluster. The party’s image took a severe beating in Jaswant Singh episode. The internal bickering, indiscipline (Raje’s defiance in Rajasthan and Reddy brothers’ behavior in Karnataka, among others) makes mockery of the so called cadre based and disciplined party, a laughing stock. Rajnath Singh remarked Bhawat’s suggestion as mad. Only time will who is mad. But there is urgent need for change of the leadership at the highest level with people who are young, dynamic and has vision to attract the masses.

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