Thursday, October 22, 2009


While expressing my views on Tiger Tales (DNA 01-10-09)I had predicted that the Congress-NCP will come back to power on TINA factor and MNS will emerge even stronger. The prediction has come true. The views expressed on 01-10-09 is hereby re-published.

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Interesting analysis of forthcoming assembly election of Maharstra by R.Jaganathan. (DNA Tiger Tales - 01-10-09) Although the performance of the DF government is lack luster, these combinations, again may come back to power on TINA factor. The BJP in the state is rudderless, Shiv Sena is steadily losing grounds because of split and infighting. The so called Third Front is a non starter. The MNS is making strong in roads into erstwhile Sena bastons. The Center’s rural unemployment guarantee scheme, farmers’ loan waiver and other initiatives taken in the field of education, rural health services will fetch substantial votes to Congress-NCP combine. The young voters who constitute nearly 70% of the total voters are interested youth leadership. Here, the Congress (Rahul Gandhi) and MNS has the advantage compared to the other parties. In the changed scenario the MNS will emerge stronger and even may play the role of king maker in the unlikely event of a hung assembly.
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