Saturday, December 11, 2010


The IPOs - Claris and MOIL and the FPO of SCI will be listed in the exchanges, during the next week.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a ton i am allotted 17 shares of MOIL (Applied 221).

    But Sir that comes to just 6.3k investment. I wanted an investment of around 20-30k.

    Is it recommended by you to buy this share on listing as there will be loads of volatility in this stock.

    Please recommend a price level of MOIL to buy in Secondary Market.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejas Sampat

  2. Sir,
    when is Claris lifescience is expected to list.
    I have applied for the claris IPO but no confirmation abt the allotment yet. could you please provide details abt listing and allotment .


  3. Next week, Monday or Tuesday it may get listed.

  4. Hi,
    I follow your blog before going for an IPO and had benefitted in the past. I had applied for Claris IPO and am alloted 91 shares. However I am a bit apprehensive about the same. Will it be fair to keep the stock in the portfolio or should I sell it first up (even if for a loss). I liked the company profile but the subscription showed a lactlustre response which caused me to worry about the prospect of the same.
    Thanks and Regards

  5. If you get a good price on listing sell. Do not sell at loss. Do not get panic. Claris is a quality company, although there some issues regarding transparency in doing business. After some time the price will pick up. Stay invested.

  6. Sir

    Kindly study the following:

    SEBI’s action in revising maximum amount per each application from Rs 100000 to Rs 200000 without any corresponding increase in 35 % quota has deprived retail investors of allotment they would otherwise be eligible for.

    A closer examination of “Basis of Allotment” figures for recently concluded MOIL IPO has made a startling revelation that if only the maximum limit had not been revised, subscription by retail investors would be only 10.60 times in which case more number of retail investors would have got fairly good number of shares allotted to them

    On account of revision, subscription shot upto 31.88 times resulting in many retail investors lose the chance of participating in the PSU’s Equity. Following are the figures relating to No. of Applications, Shares applied for and Times subscription separately for Lot Sizes upto previous limit of Rs 100000 and present limit of Rs 200000

    For all Lot sizes from 17 (Rs 6375) to 255 shares (Rs 95625):
    No. of Applications 7.62 lakhs
    No. of Shares applied for 1221.70 lakhs
    No. of times subscribed 10.60 times

    BETWEEN Rs. 100000 TO REVISED LIMIT OF Rs 200000
    For all Lot sizes from 272 (Rs 102000) to 527 shares (Rs 197625):
    No. of Applications 5.09 lakhs
    No. of Shares applied for 2452.31 lakhs
    No. of times subscribed 21.28 times

    To put it simply, retail subscription UPTO Rs 100000 limit is 10.60 times and ABOVE Rs 100000 limit is 21.28 times total aggregating to 31.88 times

    If SEBI doesn’t review its decision, retail investors will slowly fade away from IPOs

    If you agree with my above views, kindly peoject it to appropriate authorities to help retail investors

    Yours truly

    (K V Subba Rao)