Thursday, September 10, 2009


The views of Mr. G C Chaturvedi, Additional secretary, department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, that Public Sector Banks can draw lessons from the private sector on out sourcing is fraught with danger (Business Line 09-10-09). Any out sourcing in banking amounts to sharing of sensitive customer information. In the era of cyber age banking data can be misused by the solution providers (who are not accountable to the banks customers) bringing disreputation and mis-trust to the banks concerned. Banking is about trust and credibility. Public Sector Banks in India are more trustworthy and have better credibility compared to their counter part in the private sector for obvious reasons. His other suggestion of variable pay in public sector banks might be difficult to implement given the basic purpose and characteristics of public sector banking that is social banking as compared to private sector banking whose motto is to maximize the profit without any social responsibility.


The Jet Airways chairman Mr. Naresh Goyal’s statement that the ‘Pilots are behaving like terrorists’ (DNA 10-09-09) is laughable. The on going tussle between National Aviation Guild (NAG) and the Jet Airways management has not happened over night.
The pilots association has demanding for revocation of suspension of three of pilots for a very long time. The management for the reasons best known for themselves neither took back the sacked employees nor engaged in any meaningful dialogue with the association. It is not the pilots who are behaving like terrorists; it is other way round-the management. The management’s decision not engage in talks with the pilots association speaks volumes about its HR policy. Mr. Goyal is in the business for quite long time and is aware that the employees are the prime asset of the company and not the aero planes he owns. It is the employees who generate the revenue and build reputation not the machines. The Jet Airways is already in Red, because of competition, recession and this, what could have been avoidable situation has damaged the reputation of the management as unreliable airline. It is not too late for the management to concede the just demand of the employees and try to salvage its maligned reputation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Toll operator and The Maharastra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) are worried that the sea link usage is only around 40% and it is yet to achieve the break-even. The investments made in this kind of mega projects are huge. And because of undue delay in implementing the project, for various reasons, the cost has gone up many folds. Had the project been completed as envisaged without any time and cost delay the Toll could have as low as Rs 20.00 which would have made both the operator and the commuters who are using the bridge very happy. When cost goes up like what happened to this project, naturally the gestation period are usually is very long. Hence, it is not proper to expect the venture to break even from the day one. The present toll of Rs 50 for one way usage is on the very high side which is acting as a deterrent for some people to use this route. The MSRDC should reduce the toll to Rs 30.00 to enable more people to use the route which will increase the revenues. This move will further reduce the traffic congestion in the adjoining areas. More over the sea-link has been built for the benefit of general public and even if MSRDC loses money for some period it should not worry too much about it and to this effect the Toll agreement should be modified.


The Congress high command decision to appoint Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde as the head of the state poll campaign committee is a master stroke. The move will help the dalit votes to consolidation in fauvor of the Congress. Mr. Shinde’s clean image and the good work done/initiatives he took when he was the CM for the uplifment of the backward class and dalits will go along way in un-settling the conglomeration of 21 political forces lead by RPI chief Mr. Ramdas Athavale. The MNS is sure to eat into Sena vote bank and may emerge as a strong political outfit. The image of the BJP is very low because of the happenings at the party’s head quarters at New Delhi. Compared to the preparedness of the Opposition parties, the Congress-NCP combine is well placed to fight the election. It is likely that this combination will come back to power and that credit should go to Mr. Shinde, who should be made CM to continue the good work he initiated earlier.

Monday, September 7, 2009


‘Basanti ‘call for ban on the horse carts is a move in good direction. (DNA 07-09-09)She has alerted the RTOs by writing a letter, how Tanga owners inflict cruelty on their animals. That is one side of the story. The other side is what will happen to the hapless owners whose only source of income dis appears into thin air. What is the alternative plan our ‘Basanti didi’ is proposing. This problem is not restricted to Thane alone. It is prevailing in other parts of the country too. Most of the so called owners of the Tangas are un- educated and hence it will be difficult for them to find alternate employment. I suggest MS Hemamalini to invest certain amount in a trust to rehabilitate the displaced Tanga walas. They can be provided training in the field, which they have interest, including switching over to auto rickshaw driving. Ms Hemamalini can use her contact and involve some more credible charitable trusts in this mission on a large scale.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ms SHOBHAA DE article on Searching for clues: It happens only in India (TOI 06-09-09) is very interesting. Although the nation has lost four other souls, coverage on TV channels was mainly on YSR. There were passing references to the other four by some channels. Introspection time for TV channels. The sycophants are trying to install Mr. Jag Mohan, son of YSR, as CM, although he lacks experience and administrative knowledge. Jag Mohan is very young and he has a long way to go before he aspires for that coveted post. One hopes better sense prevails on the Congress high command.
The swiftness shown by the Center in taking required action was amazing to say the least. There was involvement of ISRO, Army, remote sensing air craft, local police, forest department officials, paramilitary forces, local guides and what not, that too in a very short time. Kamaal hai! As rightly pointed out this kind of action was definitely missing during the Mumbai attack on 26/11. Long live India.


The TATA MOTORS decision to acquire JLR, two global brands, is proving to be costly going by the results declared by the company in the last two quarters. The dynamics of the luxury car market has changed with the advent of hybrid - electric cars, with sustained technology. The growing demand for oil, in spite of, recession through out the world, is likely to push the price beyond $ 100/barrel. This acts as a deterrent in the already subdued segment. Look at the financials of its competitor –Maruthi, the country’s largest car maker. It is churning out better than expected results quarter after quarter. It relays on numbers. Its mid sized car and lower end model contribute substantially both to the top and bottom line. It makes sense to increase the numbers in the fully depreciated plant, which will have direct bearing the profitability of the company. The newly acquired brands -JLR are neither going to contribute to the numbers nor to the bottom line.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The death of YSR is un-bearable loss to the country in general and to the state of ANDHRA PRADESH in particular. In spite of reasonably good performance of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu between 1999-2004, YSR single handedly brought the Congress to power to the surprise of all political pundits. Even in 2009 many had written in off citing reasons of incumbency and most importantly Mr.Chiranjivi’s factor. Again YSR proved his critics wrong by bringing back Congress to power and playing a pivotal role in sending 33 members to the Loksabha. The various developmental projects under taken by his government has reached the real beneficiaries. The untimely death has created a void in the state. He was hard working visionary, mass leader. It is very difficult to fill the void. A section of the state leadership wants his son Jaganmohan as CM. This is nothing but sycophancy of the highest order. Mr. Jaganmohan deserves all the sympathies. The untimely death has hit him hard more than any one/any organaisation. The move to make him CM has no logic nor has any rationale. He is inexperienced and lacks administrative knowledge to occupy the highest post of the biggest and one of the most progressive state. The leader should be choosen from the galaxy of experienced and efficient politicians. Mr. Jaganmohan can be accommodated in the state cabinet with an important portfolio. Other wise he can be inducted to the union council since he is a member of the parliament.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The HSBC bank, one of the leading foreign bank and a major player in the credit card market has sent a special message to its card holders, that W.e.f 15-sep-09, a cash payment charge of Rs 100/ will be levied at its branches and drop boxes. This is nothing but fleecing the customers who make prompt payment on their card out standings. Banks are supposed to accept cash payment without any charges particularly with regard to any amount due to them. What is the rationale behind levying such charges? What kind of banking is this? Whether levying of charges this nature has the necessary approval of the Regulatory body, namely RBI. Will the bank or the RBI clarify the matter for the benefit of the general public?


The whole of last week, the media, both – electronic and print were busy in discussing what happened during the late forties which are of relevance to current burning problems. The focus should be on how to build a better India for the future generation. How to build better roads, good infrastructure, providing quality education to all, availability of potable drinking water in very home, affordable quality health service. What are the plans are up-liftment of the poor, drown trodden and the underprivileged. We have Naxals, Terrorists problem. How to combat them?

It appears that too many news channels are chasing too few news and hence unimportant and irrelevant topics are exhibited.


In the article ‘Needed Most: A strong Opposition’ the views expressed and assessment made by Mr. M J Akbar is appropriate. The main opposition party BJP is severely hit by “Jaswant swine flu”. The credibility of its leaders and the party is at new low. As the president of the party Mr. Rajnath Singh has failed miserably. Second rung leaders do not take him seriously. His influence and authority is limited to the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Left which is in power in West Bengal and Kerala are likely to fare very badly in the coming assembly elections because of their out dated ideology and lack of understanding of the nitty-gritty of the fast developing, ever changing dynamics of the economy. The much talked Third front is non-existent. Yadavs are lost somewhere in the middle and fighting for their own surrvial, leave alone building the party at national level. Regional parties are losing their sheen. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is re-building the party from grass root level. The young voters who decide the fate of 2014 parliament elections are likely to give a massive mandate to Congress by default.


The well-known Hirnandani group’s fraudulent way of wealth creation was exposed by Mumbai Mirror in its lead article on 23-08-09. Having obtained the land from the poor farmers/government at concessional rate under the Powai Area Development Scheme, the group instead of building the affordable housing complex as agreed built sprawling high end housing complex in violation of agreed terms. The MMRDA which probed the irregularities had imposed a penalty of Rs 1993 crores, taking into the prevailing market price. The Maharastra government instead of recovering the penalty in full, has taken a decision to reduce the penalty on builder from the above amount to Rs 218 crore thus helping the builder to save Rs 1777 crore. The state government needs to explain to the public why so much concession was accorded to the wealthiest of the wealthiest. The government should collect the penalty in full and utilize the amount for various welfare programmes particularly those who lost the land in and around erstwhile Powai village

Saturday, August 29, 2009


BJP’s tallest leader Mr. L K Advani’s days in national politics are appears to be over, because of Kandhahar episode. Mr. Advani has consistently denied any knowledge of release of three hard core terrorists and the then external affairs minister accompanying the terrorists to Kandahar for release of hostages on board of AI flight. Even during the election campaign in 2008 he categorically denied any knowledge of the entire proceedings related to the hijack. The Cabinet committee on security barring Mr. Vajpayee who handled the Kandhahar crisis have confirmed that Advani was in know of things relating to release of terrorists. Mr. Advani should explain to the Nation what made him to lie consistently on this issue. His reputation as a credible leader has taken severe beating. For decades I admired Mr. Advani for his leadership qualities and for his frankness. Likewise millions of followers and admirers have lost faith in him. It is the reputation that matters in public life, particularly for tall leaders like him. It is time that the BJP leadership acknowledges the waning charisma of Advani and accepts his resignation from all positions. Credible young leaders should take over the reins of the party.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


The ever increasing vehicular traffic in the city is a challenging task for the MUMBAI TRAFFIC POLICE (MTP) to manage. Traffic management is a very complex job and 85% of the traffic problems are directly related to proper infrastructure and good roads. MTP can not do much here. However by strict enforcement of certain traffic rules by MTP and with active cooperation from MMRDA, life can be made little easier for the commuters. Here are some suggestions;

A. Restriction on movement of heavy motor vehicles (HMV). Ban entry of HMVs between 6.00am to 10.00pm. (Other than BMC and GOVT vehicles).
B. Ban parking of all types vehicles on small and narrow roads.
C. Deploy adequate police personnel at important roads/junctions and circles for monitoring traffic movement.
D. Build mini flyovers -- using ‘magic box’ technology at major roads, cross roads and junctions for signal free movement of vehicles. The above concept has been successfully implemented in the city of Bangalore in various locations including on the International air port road.
E. Encourage car owners to go for car pooling. This not only reduces the traffic congestions but also saves on energy.
F. Increase the frequency of Hi-tech buses to lure frequent four wheeler users.
G. Regulate pavement/street vendors by preventing them from blocking the roads during peak hours.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Mr. Gurcharan Das views on the warring Ambani brothers over the pricing of gas lacks conviction on what is right and ethical.( Times of India 16-08-09) The elder brother, at the time of separation has agreed to supply the gas to his younger brother and to the NTPC at a specified rate. While agreeing to that rate at that time Mr. Mukesh must have made his home work and agreed to the price which is more than the cost price. If the terms of the agreement provides for revision of the prices even before the supply of one mmbtu, his company has every right to revise the prices. If not he should supply the gas at previously agreed price. Just because the current market price is higher than the agreed price the agreement can’t be breached. It is not about money but it is about business ethics, integrity, trasperency and trust. Satyam collapsed for not adhering to the above. Had Ambani brothers not separated I don’t think Mukesh would have taken the same decision of increase in prices to his group companies. By supplying gas at a lower rate, apart from his brother, the major beneficiaries are fertilizer producers and power plants who will pass on the benefits to the public at large.


The views of Mr. Dileep Padgaonkar on ‘What the PM Should Tell Us’ (TOI 15-08-09) has no reasoning. The whole country is aware that Dr. Singh is heading a coalition government consisting of various parties of different ideologies. The PM had no role in selection of his team, as this is done by the respective alliance partners. Even, within the Congress, he had very little say in selection. The alliance partners have their own method selecting the ministerial candidates (other than merits) keeping in mind the vote bank and local politics of their respective states. Under such circumstances it is very difficult to manage them toe on his lines, since their commitment and accountability is to their party leader and not to the PM. This is one of draw back of coalition set ups. The handling of H1 N1 swine flu by the Union health ministry has been extremely good contrary to the views as expressed in the article. We are a very huge country, with vast majority being un-educated and living abject poverty. It is ridiculous to compare ourselves with U S or U K in combating the deadly menace. Even the W H O has lauded the efforts of India in fighting the H1 N1 virus. What Mr. Sharad power can do for the failure of monsoon? He did indicate as early as in June that this year monsoon may be below the normal level. The Center is repeatedly making statements that in spite failed monsoon, there is enough food grains available in the country. Under the circumstances Dr. Singh has done well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The article by Mr. N Raghuraman on the subject matter was interesting. (DNA 15-08-09).What Mumbai Municipal Corporation could not enforce hygiene, has been to some extent, enforced by the micro-organisms. But that is the wrong way of getting the desired results. A world class city like Mumbai needs better sanitary waste management system particularly in the slum dominated areas. It is a challenge and herricullan task for the establishment. The government should take the help of charitable organizations who have proven track record for social cause. Millions of people, from all part of India, are coming to the city every year in search of greener pastures. Proper infrastructure is to be built for waste management and for pollution control. Citizens are to be continuously educated on personal hygiene.


This has reference to the news report of opening of the 4th tower of silence at Malabar Hill which was closed for almost 35 years because of the objection raised by the near by residents of an apartment. The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) which manages the towers of silence should re- think on opening of the same and introspect whether such cemeteries are required in the modern day life style and changed circumstances.(Due respect to the religious sentiments of Parsi community). The existing belief of placing the dead bodies in the said towers is centuries old. Any religious belief can be reviewed keeping in mind the hygiene factors and public sentiments especially of the people living around such towers. Even some of the Sub-castes among Hindus have changed the age old belief of burying the bodies and have opted for electric cremation. This is a very sensitive issue which no can force on the community for changing their belief. However it is time that the opinion makers in the community should introspect and effect the necessary modification.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The Maharastra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is worried that the sea link usage is only around 40% and it is yet to achieve the break-even. The investments made in this kind of mega projects are huge. And because of undue delay in implementing the project, for various reasons, the cost has gone up many folds. The gestation period for projects of this nature are usually is very long. Hence, it is not proper to expect the venture to break even from the day one. The present toll of Rs 50 for one way usage is on the very high side which is acting as a deterrent for some people to use this route. The MSRDC should reduce the toll to Rs 30.00 to enable more people to use the route which will increase the revenues. This move will further reduce the traffic congestion in the adjoining areas. More over the sea-link has been built for the benefit of general public and even if MSRDC loses money for some period it should not worry too much about it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The submission of fourth dossier to PAK government by India is an exercise in futile. Even if we submit one hundred dossiers, PAK government will not take any action against the perpetrators of 26/11 Mumbai terrorists attack. How can one expect the establishment in PAK to take action against the attackers since the attack itself was done with the tacit understanding of the ISI and the Military. Immediately after the attack the PAK government stoutly denied the role any militant organaisation that are sheltered in their soil. It took more than six months for them to just acknowledge the involvement of terrorist out-fits based in PAK. PAK is a land of no action against terrorists.


The Center should immediately sack Mr. Buta Singh, chairman of National SC/ST commission, for involvement of his son in the bribery case, till the investigation is complete in all respect. In spite of his son being confessed to heinous act Mr. Buta Singh stoutly denies the same. He even questions the credibility of the premier investigation agency of the country. Being a seasoned politician and being an ex-home minister at the Center he knows very well how the CBI functions. Apart from involvement of his son in the bribery case, the investigating agency has also recovered three un-licensed fire arms from the residence of Buta Singh, in New Delhi. The continuance of Mr. Buta Singh, as chair man will hamper the investigation.Dr. Man Mohan Singh who is known for his honesty and integrity should sack Mr. Buta immediately; otherwise his reputation will take a beating.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The proposed one day suspension of domestic flights (strike) by private air lines on 18-08-09 to press for their demand of lower taxes and reduced air port charges deserves no sympathy neither from neither the public nor from the government. With the greed to make more money the private air line operators acquired/made commitments to acquire more airplanes than required by the country. This un-wanted large scale expansion of air line business without realistic study of the growing demand of passenger traffic and solely depending on the rosy projections provided by the air craft manufacturers has led to the present position. In spite of collecting thousands of crores of ‘free money’ (IPO) and borrowing heavily from the banks and financial institutions, the private air line operatators not able to manage their business in a viable manner, it appears some thing basically wrong with their business model and their perception about the air line business. They have failed miserably in their business venture because of their greed. The owners of these air lines are financially very sound and they should find some ways to come out of the problem without seeking government assistance. Under no circumstances the government should dole out assistance to private air line operatators lest the very purpose of opening of the air line business to private sector is defeated. Instead the government should utilize the same funds (notional) to provide assistance to millions of SME entrepreneurs who are in dire straits because of slow down in the economy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The dispute between Ambani brothers has taken an ugly turn which does not augur well for the country in general and for the corporate world in particular. The brothers are not interested in supplying the gas at competitive rates to the public and other users. They want maximum profit from the gas production and distribution business. They openly talk of greediness, corruption, favoritism and manipulation of records pertaining to the vexed gas business. One does not know what happened to corporate governance and business ethics they were talking about all these days. The government should nationalize the gas business pertaining to Ambani brothers in the larger national interest.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The strike called by Maharastra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has entered the fourth day. The members of MARD are on strike to press their demand. The demand, among others, includes increase in their salaries. The salaries were revised three years ago and there is justification in their demand for up ward revision after three years. For the last six months they are negotiating with the government but nothing has progressed. The salaries fixed by the government are low compared to the present day cost of living. The salaries/stipend paid should be realistic and should be raised periodically keeping the cost of living as the barometer. The infrastructure facilities at the government hospitals are below par and there is urgent need to upgrade to deliver better health care services. The government should have a dialogue with the representatives of striking doctors and resolve the issue forthwith in larger public interest. The general public has been put lot inconvenience due to the strike.


The refusal of seat to sri Aakash in a government college is ridiculous, even though he has secured 78% in The principal of the college knowing fully well that the student is the son of the slain ATS chief Karkare behaved in a immature and irresponsible manner causing embracement to the family, in spite of government publicly declaring it is the responsibility of the state to look after the children of such brave souls who scarified their life, so that the citizens of the country can live in peace. Mrs.Karkare rejected the various doles, amounting in crores, offered by different state governments. The principal and the committee on admission should have taken all these into consideration while processing the application of Aakash. It is reported that two students have been admitted even though they have scored less than the required qualifying marks. The principal of the college should explain on what basis those students were admitted.


At last, the PAK president has accepted the fact that the terrorists in their land are created, nurtured and supported by the Establishment. Mr. Zardari may be under the impression that has made public the biggest secret of the PAK government. Mr. President please note this no big news. The whole world knows who has created and continuously supporting the terrorists’ organizations in PAK. The 26/11 attack on Mumbai is carried out by terrorists by tacit understanding and the support of PAK military and ISI. Including Mr. Zardari the establishment denied any involvement. The government of India has provided enough proof that the attack was carried out by out fits that are sheltered and protected by the Government of PAK. Why no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the attack. Why the PAK government is not cooperating with India in this matter. The dreaded international gangsters, drug peddlers and terrorists are living like Moghul emperors of yester years with active support of the government. India has given a list of most wanted international criminals who are sheltered in PAK. What action the PAK government has taken. Since, now your aware that the perpetrators of Mumbai attack are within your country why can’t you hand over them to India.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The city of Mumbai is facing unprecedented water shortage (DNA 08-07-09) due to delayed monsoon/insufficient rain fall. Better management of available water/resources will go a long way in mitigating the problem. The citizens should reduce their water usage by 20-30% till the situation improves. The use of water for secondary purposes should be restricted to bare minimum. The BMC on its part, among others, preventive measures for water leakages and take prompt and should take quick action in case there are leakages in water pipelines. Usage of BMC water for construction and other purposes should banned for some time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Railway minister Ms Mamata Banerji has presented a well balanced budget for the year 2009-10 under the given circumstances. The special rates announced for youth, students and unorganaised labour are major highlights of the budget. The minister has also promised to improve the hygienic conditions and improve the quality of services across the board. He minister has announced some very ambitious projects like non-stop trains and A C double-decker. There are many projects/proposals announced by the previous ministers, which neither yet to be started or progressing at a very slow pace. All the proposals made now and proposals announced earlier, which are yet to take-off are to be implemented with in a specified time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The decision of the management of AIR INDIA (AI) to defer the salary of its 30,000 odd employees by 15 days is unfair and un warranted (DNA 20-06-09). The reason attributed is resource crunch that the organization is facing. Although AI is facing financial crunch, it is a government of India undertaking. The management of the AI should make necessary arrangement in consultation with the Finance Ministry for release of salary to employees on due date. Employees are the prime assest of any organaisation. Non receipt of salaries on due date, for no fault of theirs will not be appreciated by them. This will have cascading effect on their performance. The talented and experienced may look for greener pastures. Only the average and below average employees will stick to the organaisation since they have no option.This financial crunch alias financial mismanagement has not happened over night.The management was aware of the grave situation for a long time. In spite of very bad financial position, our national carrier has gone for massive expansion plan of nearly Rs50000 crores. This could have deferred for some time.It is reported that AI is seeking Rs. 5000 crores from the Center as equity, apart from a soft loan of Rs. 7000 crores. Hence it would not be difficult to obtain a temporary over draft from public sector banks for payment of salaries for the month of July which may be around Rs. 150 plus crores. The employees have regular monthly commitments like home loan repayment, credit card payment etc. for which they might have issued post dated cheques. If salary is not received on due dates the cheques get bounced leading to further complications. Non payment of salary on due dates is against the principles of Payment of Wages Act and Industrial dispute Act. Instead of delaying the salaries to its employees the management should seek moratorium from lending institutions and banks for the financials commitment with them. APPEARED IN DNA NEWS PAPER ON 22-06-09 ( blr)

Friday, June 19, 2009



The capture of Lalgarh by the Maoists is an indication of growing frustration against the establishment in finding permanent solutions to various chronic problems faced by them for decades. But the path chosen by them to achieve their goal is not correct and will not bring the desired results. They will face the same fate as that of LTTE if they continue to attack innocent people, police officials and the army. They cannot achieve their goal through violent attacks. They may be having genuine problems but there is no place for atrocities and violence.

The establishment should be sympathetic towards their just and unjust demands. The establishment is equally responsible for spread of Maoists and Naxal culture in the country, because the successive governments at state level and as well as at the center have failed to recognize the problems and find long lasting solutions. After all, the Maoists/Naxalists are not asking for the moon. They want some basic amenities for the tribal and other oppressed class. India from a very poor country in 1947 has become a powerful and developed economy now. But the fruits development has not reached all the people fairly. Wealth is created and enjoyed by very few people. We have modern Maharajas in the form of Politicians, Ministers, government babus, unscrupulous business men and Industrialists. The wealth created by the modern India is concentrated in very few hands. The Maoists/Naxalists have seen them all, thanks to electronic and print media. Even after 61 years of independence our villages have no proper roads, no potable water, no good schools, no hospitals and other basic infrastructure. The development and the growth should be inclusive growth. The real fruits of development should reach the common man and the oppressed class including the tribals in all parts of the country.
The government, first, should restore normalcy in Lalgarh and should try to the root of the problems to find amicable solution to the vexed Maoists and Naxalists problem. In the mean time Maoists should lay down their arms and come forward for dialogue with the establishment without any precondition. Political solution is the only answer for long term peace. For this both the parties must change their mindset on the path they want to walk.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The decision of the management of AIR INDIA (AI) to defer the salary of its 30,000 odd employees by 15 days is unfair and un warranted. The reason attributed is resource crunch that the organization is facing. Although AI is facing financial crunch, it is a government of India undertaking. The financial position of the Center is very good. The management of the AI should make necessary arrangement in consultation with the Finance Ministry for release of salary to employees on due date. It is reported that AI is seeking Rs. 5000 crores from the Center as equity, apart from a soft loan of Rs. 7000 crores. Hence it would not be difficult to obtain a temporary over draft from public sector banks for payment of salaries for the month of July which may be around Rs. 150 plus crores. The employees have regular monthly commitments like home loan repayment, credit card payment etc. for which they might have issued post dated cheques. If salary is not received on due dates the cheques get bounced leading to further complications. Non payment of salary on due dates is against the principles of Payment of Wages Act and Industrial dispute Act and most importantly it is in-human.

Monday, June 15, 2009


PM should be very careful in dealing with the PAK leadership about terrorism. The PAK is the most un-trusted country in the world. Its leaders lack commitment, determination and honesty in finding solution to any problem. What happened to perpetrators of Kandhar hijack and most recently to the people behind 26/11 attack? PAK is in know of many things about the terrorists but does not share critical information with the Indian government. It goes to US with begging bowl that they need funds to fight to terrorism. The funds so received are diverted to build up of arms and ammunition to fight the Indian army. See the plights of Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan. They are being tortured by Taliban. PAK is a failed state in all respects. Our gentleman Prime Minister should be extra cautious in dealing with them. The day is not far that the big brother is going to bomb PAK as it did against the IRAQ if the Pakistani leaders are not going to mend their ways.


The CPM leadership in WB, among others has identified three prime reasons behind the party’s unprecedented debacle in the 2009 LS elections. They are Organizational weakness, Ineffective campaign and non–Communist attitude of some of its leaders. They are on the wrong track again. Left parties failed in the LS election not for the above reasons. Left failed to understand the ground realities. Their ideology is out dated. Gone are the days when parties could fool the voters continuously on a particular issue. The present day voters are well educated and understand the changing environment in the global economy. LEFT stand on Nuclear deal, Financial reforms and host of other issues which the left parties opposed were well taken care by the voters while voting. It is the same LEFT parties that opposed computerization, when it was first implemented in Banks and other public sectors organization like Railways and Airways in early eighties. Had, the then government succumbed to the pressure of Left parties, India would have remained a under developed country. And the leadership we have today in IT, BPO and Telecommunication sector would have remained a dream. LEFT do not have vision. All their policies are shortsighted. They are a bottleneck in the developmental work LEFT talks of issues that are irrelevant to present day politics. They have to change their attitude, ideology and understand the ground realities if they want survive in Indian politics. Otherwise, they can rest assured, that their days are numbered.


This is with reference to the open letter by Mr. Swaminathan S Ankesaria Aiyar to Mr. Kapil Sibal on the subject matter (Sunday Times 14-06-09). The HRD ministry should implement the programme and policies that aims at improving the basic education for the poor, downtrodden, historically disadvantaged classes. The quality of education imparted at government schools is very low. In rural areas people have no choice except to send their wards to government schools. Even in places where they have choices, the abnormal fees and related expenses of private schools act as a deterrent in sending their children to private schools. Most of the educational institutions, right from the pre nursery to the professional colleges, are directly or indirectly controlled by politicians. Their only aim is to make money and they are least interested in providing quality education at affordable cost. School vouchers scheme is a good idea in providing quality education for the children of the poor, oppressed, dalits and the minorities. Competition with private schools will definitely improve the quality in government schools. In future, only credible NGOs should be permitted to open and manage educational institutions, particularly primary and secondary schools, across the country. There should be entry barrier for those who consider education as profitable business ventures.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The ‘sale of seats’ is not a new phenomena or restricted to the state of Tamilnadu. This ‘sale of seats’ has been going on for decades in all professional colleges including medical, through out the country. Most of the colleges are controlled either directly or indirectly by politicians. If the Center is serious about elimination the menace of donation (sale of seats) they should nationalize the the professional education. Mr. Kapil Sibal, the HRD minister says that they are examining the evidence and will take action against the erring colleges. One can only laugh at that statement. As if the people at the helm of affairs, that is the HRD ministry and the all power full and corrupt MCI were not aware of the sale of seats, that is there for decades. People want to know the list of medical colleges that do not engage in sale business? Will HRD ministry provide the same for the benefit of public at large. Mr. Sibal are you listing?


This is with reference to the article’ Lopsided victory’ (DNA, June 10), the Congress party's spectacular show is attributed to the strategic shift by Brahmin community in favour of the Congress is grossly exaggerated. It is the charisma of Rahul Gandhi that worked magic for the Congress. The seats won by the Congress are not Brahmin dominated constituencies as indicated. Brahmins are not that dominant force in U P, whose voting pattern determines the fate of a particular party. It is the selection of candidates and the election strategy adopted by the dynamic and long term player Mr. Rahul Gandhi that worked for Congress party’s resounding victory. The victory has nothing to do with caste and community factors.


The Karnataka’s tourism minister and iron ore lord Mr. Janrdhana Reddy created history by donating gold and diamond studded Crown to Lord Venkateshwara. It is reported that it is worth more than rupees 42 crores. One presumes that the money involved is legal and tax paid. It gives a broader idea to the general public the amount wealth our politicians have. They swear by the same god, that their entire life is dedicated to the service of people and particularly the poorest of the poor. In the state of Karnataka there thousands of villages without good roads, without primary health centers. There is un solved problems of potable drinking water, good schools in rural areas. The money spent on the Crown could have been better utilized in solving the chronic problems faced by some of the villages of Reddy brothers’ home district of Bellary. God would have been more pleased with that philanthropic work, as the Lord Venkateshwara has already has half dozenof such Crowns.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Janata Dal (U) president Mr. Sharad Yadav’s threatening statement that, he shall consume poison if the women reservation bill is passed in its present form is deserve to be ridiculed. (DNA 06-06-09) The Yadav trios - Mulayam, Lalu and Sharad along with Ram Vilas Paswan are opposing the bill for many years. They are afraid that if the bill is passed, these leaders will lose their importance in national politics, as more and more women are to be given representation in their respective parties, who may not always listen to the party chiefs. These leaders are citing frivolous reasons for blocking the bill so far. The ruling UPA should not succumb to this kind of gimmicks. The main opposition party, the BJP, will support the bill and the UPA should introduce the bill at the earliest opportunity and get it passed. It should not un necessarily worry about Mr.Yadav’s threat. Even if Yadav is going to consume poison over the issue, the sky will not fall.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The plight of Sikhs in troubled Pak-Afghan tribal belt and that of Hindus in Khyber region is worse than the plight of civilian Tamils in no firezone, earlier, in Srilanka.The hapless Sikhs are takingshelters in Gurudwara.They are undergoing sufferings for nomistake of theirs.Earlier the minority Sikh community ofOrakzai Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal areas inPakistan has been coerced to pay Rs.20 million asJizia(religious tax) in return for protection. Now the axe is falling on the the Hindus.The establishment in Pakistanhas failed completely in providing protection to itscitizens, particularly for minorities.Pakistan as nation hasfailed miserably on many counts since it is pre-occupiedwith unwanted hatred-ism towards India.What is going on inPakistan is neither good for them nor for the rest oftheworld.It is time that the leadership realizes this andmoves forward. The Center should act tough and take harsh measures to mitigate the problems of the Sikh and Hindu community.


Monday, June 1, 2009


The decision of the Congress to pick Meira Kumar for the speaker’s post deserves congratulations. She would be the first woman and a dalit to occupy the coveted post.
Although parties are talking about woman reservation bill for the last years, nothing has progressed. By chosing Meira, the Congress party has sent a strong message to opposition parties, including the BJP, that the Center is very serious about enacting reservation bill. Those who were opposing the very idea of women reservation – like RJD, LJP, and BSP and SP have been comprehensively rejected by voters or have very less number in the L S. They have no option but to fall line in line. BJP, per-se is not opposed to the bill and as per indication Sushma Swaraj would be the deputy leader of BJP in Lok Sabha. That makes things easier for the ruling coalition. All parties should support the bill –in both the houses and the regarding this is to be enacted at the earliest.